Older Adults

Happy Couple

The older years can be a very difficult time of life. Older adults and their families often face dramatic changes that can turn their worlds upside down. We help older individuals and their families draw on their personal, emotional, spiritual, and family strengths to address the tasks and demands of later life.

How We Help the Elderly and Their Families

  • Assessing and treating depression, anxiety, grief, adjustments to losses, and behavior problems
  • Evaluating memory and cognitive problems
  • Helping older adults understand and cope with chronic illnesses
  • Helping older couples address changes and conflicts that stress their relationships
  • Helping the elderly and their families face critical decisions such as driving, getting help, downsizing, and moving

How We Help People Who Help the Elderly

  • Helping families understand and care for aging families
  • Giving primary care doctors a trusted partner in caring for patients with emotional, behavior, substance abuse, and medical compliance problems
  • Providing neuropsychological testing in diagnosis of dementias and impaired cognitive functioning
  • Providing mental health services to residents of senior, long-term care, and rehab communities
  • Conducting in-service training about mental health issues affecting the elderly
  • Helping evaluate mental competency and decision making abilities