Adults, Teens, and Couples

Happy CoupleLife poses many mental health challenges for individuals and families. Often the problems we face require more support and help than what friends and family can give. Legacy Psychological Services is here when professional guidance is needed. We believe that it is a sacred privilege to accompany our clients as they address life's difficulties and that the process of searching for solutions is itself therapeutic. We like to keep it positive and build on your strengths.

Things you might hope to accomplish

  • Understand and overcome depression
  • Regain control of your life in the face of anxiety
  • Assess and intervene when persons seem suicidal or self-destructive
  • Resolve relationship conflicts and improve communication
  • Manage overwhelming stress
  • Work through grief and loss
  • Relieve the burden of caregiving
  • Recover from alcohol or substance abuse
  • Reduce the impact of chronic mental illness, physical disease, and pain
  • Heal the wounds of trauma and abuse
  • Reduce parent-child conflict by working together
  • Learn to get along better with people
  • Find hope when your world is crashing down around you