About Us


The story of Legacy Psychological Services, LLC, is very simple. We enjoy helping people address problems in living. We consider it a privilege to sit with people who entrust us with their difficulties and challenges. We believe that when we sit down with you, the process itself is bigger than us all, and that good outcomes follow from honest, insightful, and willing conversations and experiments in living better. Providentially, we have assembled a team of psychologists and support staff that are like-minded in compassion, skill, and proven track records of service. We also enjoy providing training opportunities for the next generation of psychologists.

Our name “Legacy” was inspired by the rich cultural and spiritual heritage that our parents, grandparents, and elders handed down to us. “Legacy” also captures the goal of our work -- to help others find, live, and leave legacies of hope, success, balance, and wisdom for generations to come.

Jerome A. Gabis, Psy.D., President
Legacy Psychological Services, LLC